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Core Overview

The Cellular Senescence and Beyond Core (CSBC), led by Judith Campisi and Birgit Schilling at the Buck Institute, will determine how specific cell fates (e.g. senescence, apoptosis, competition) contribute to aging and methods of intervention across models (e.g. cultured cells, organoids, tissue and organ samples, and organisms). The Core will help researchers characterize both cell-autonomous and non-autonomous features of these cell fates, provide established assays, and give advice regarding intervention strategies.

The CSBC is led by Drs. Judith Campisi and Birgit Schilling at the Buck Institute. Dr. Campisi’s research on the understanding of cellular senescence has long been a great strength of the Buck Institute. Dr. Campisi is a highly collaborative scientist working with many scientists around the world and hosting many visitors. Over recent years, she has expanded her collaboration with Dr. Birgit Schilling in an effort to understand the secretory phenotype of various types of senescent cells. Beyond senescence, the Core will provide characterization of multiple cell fates and cell types. The unique aspect of this core is the focus on proteomic approaches. Drs Schilling and Campisi have developed a series of proteomic profiles (biomarkers) for cell fate in different cell types that will now be exploited by outside investigators. 

  • Provide access to deep expertise in cell senescence and cell fate;
  • Provide support for active, in-house collaborative projects;
  • Promote, first-rate proteomic analysis of cell fate and expand the cellular aging field.

Core Leaders

Judith Campisi

CSBC Core Lead, The Buck Institute

Birgit Schilling

CSBC Core Lead, The Buck Institute